We believe that great advocacy is to develop a compassionate understanding and awareness of other people’s or an organisation’s point of view, whilst truthfully expressing our own, with ease and grace.

Whilst we offer dispute resolution services, we offer non- contentious services also.

You can discover how much easier it can be with us as your advocate, be that being in the background helping and reminding you of the key or small details in your business goals, or putting your views across publicly.

We believe the benefits of having a great legal consultant as your advocate, include the following:

  • Clarity – ability to identify what matters without getting lost in the details of the story
  • Amplification of your voice – if you feel your point of view is not being heard or considered
  • Refinement – delivery, pitch, timing and tone can hugely influence how well your needs are met
  • Protection -your position and boundaries can be improved, strengthened an/or protected
  • Compassion – enabling you to reconnect and re-humanise the ‘other’ in situations where positions have polarised
  • Connection – facilitating you to remain connected to trusted advisors, resources and mentors
  • Resolution– leaving you willing and free to gladly move forward to enjoy your life

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Minority Run Businesses

We have a passion for helping minority projects, and also connecting with any groups that offer business support and mentoring groups. We would love to hear from you to discuss ways we can partner so please get in touch with us.

Women of Minority in Business

Georgina is a member of numerous business minority groups including BSG, Enterprise, BCC, WIP, AWS

If you are interested in booking her for a panel or speaking engagement please get in touch.