We enjoy exploring ways to help you manage your own legal affairs, or aspects where appropriate.

Some examples of matters we can assist with include:

McKenzie Friend Service

-Assistance putting a court case together including strategy, bundling, witness statements,

-Preparation, Attendance and Support at court and/or mediation

Writing, Editing and Reviewing:

-Witness statements, Exhibits, Cases and Settlement Agreements

-Reports on Title and Lease Reviews

-Pitch assembly

-Business plans and models

-Review and refinement of policy and framework documentation

-Due diligence for funding and acquisitions

Bespoke business contracts and agreements or clauses
Oversight, updates & management of your legal requirements
Periodic legal audit to assess your needs and update your legals

Assistance doesn’t suit everyone, but it can work well when you are:

• Desirous and capable of greater control and more involvement in your transaction
• Motivated to accept greater responsibility and risk in managing your own affairs
• Prepared to do a bit more leg work such as assembling documents, making more phone calls, research for yourself, typing, emailing
• Willing and able to undertake a bit of extra study to build up your general knowledge in a legal area if and when necessary
• Dealing with relatively routine or simple transactions where no or few anomalies are identified
• Able to accept the limitations of your own knowledge and respectfully receive and accept direction where necessary and appropriate

Assistance is not:

•Guaranteed to ensure that your work is done at the price you are willing or able to pay
• Always appropriate – complexity, urgency, risk, time, importance and volume may point to a full service

Please feel free to contact us for further help and support .