There comes a point- sometimes more quickly for some, when your spare room, kitchen table or co-op desk space is no longer a suitable space to operate. Yup, it’s time to move out and create a solid base from which to grow.

We understand there are loads of office spaces, shared working arrangements, pop ups, designated spaces in malls. It is always a case of location, location, location. Not just the AA A location, but the one that is most suitable for what you are doing at the level you are doing it.

We can assist you with your property transactions, whatever the size from small outfits to swanky City offices and advise on some of the pros and cons of typical types of property and obligations to it.

Service Areas

If you are looking for: A Practical Approach Fixed fees Swift Turnaround.


  • Drafting and negotiating leases
  • Review of lease
  • Reports on title, site investigation and searches
  • Assignment and subletting
  • Licences- occupational and tenancies at will
  • Licences to do works, alterations
  • Lease surrenders, deeds of variation and regrants

Community Land Trusts

Intentional Communities