Cash is King, but for many starting up or expanding, it will be critical to gain outside investment support, whether that is from friends or family, banks, VCs, angel investors or charitable grant funders.

….or maybe you are pitching to win a contract for services.

….or maybe you’ve been asked to invest in a project and you’re not sure.

Those few pitch minutes or that proposal, can be critical for the future financial future of your project. Whilst some relish the thrill, for many it can be a daunting experience.

We are happy to assist you with your due diligence, and liaise with your financial advisers to negotiate for fair remuneration. We can refine your presentation, polish your business model and plan and steer you through the fine details.


-Refine Your Pitch
We can recommend respected business coaches and copywriters to listen to your pitch, give feedback and audit your financial terms

-Cut the Deal
We manage the documents involved in funding deals, from term sheets to contracts and investor agreements.

Negotiate on fair remuneration,* what options to offer, and due diligence on the investors